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The radio show started broadcasting since October 26, 2011, every Wednesday night, hosted by Tegoshi Yuya (radio nickname: Tegonyan), Masuda Takahisa (Massu) and Arai Chisato (Aracchi). You can send your e-mail to and check out Aracchi's blog for some information/updates.
[summaries masterlist]

Summaries Masterlist

Ep. 75: (2013.03.28) toilet talks and radio jingles

Ep. 74: (2013.03.21) nobunaga yuya and musashi massu

Ep. 73: (2013.03.14) white day and the grapefield

Ep. 72: (2013.03.07) jealous cupids and prince Tegoshi

Ep. 71: (2013.02.28) bananatego and ichigomassu

Ep. 70: (2013.02.21) Matsuo Kiyoshi as radio guest

Ep. 69: (2013.02.14) Sayonara ni Sayonara

Ep. 68: (2013.02.07) shiroi buta and osharena kokoa

Ep. 67: (2013.01.31) a kiss in the train

Ep. 66: (2013.01.24) charamassu and countdown stories

Ep. 65: (2013.01.17) seijinshiki and takaramono

Ep. 64: (2013.01.10) otoshidama and yukidaruma

Ep. 63: (2013.01.03) mochi and a surprise call

Ep. 62: (2012.12.27) nodochinko and a sexy tongue

Ep. 61: (2012.12.20) kyuntastic and the christmas gift

Ep. 60: (2012.12.13) hiroshima memory and a lady rain

Ep. 59: (2012.12.06) a cheating fangirl and zattsugu

Ep. 58: (2012.11.29) takecopter and boys fetishes

Ep. 57: (2012.11.22) bimbocchama and guri-guri

Ep. 56: (2012.11.15) soccerball cake and momoclo gag

Ep. 55: (2012.11.08) the x-man and blind touch

Ep. 54: (2012.11.01) kuroneko and a halloween guest

Ep. 53: (2012.10.25) kawaii vs kakkoii

Ep. 52: (2012.10.18) utsukoi concerts impressions

Ep. 51: (2012.10.11) namaste and the cute momorin

Ep. 50: (2012.10.04) 5oth episode celebration!

Ep. 49: (2012.09.27) the crybaby and hyper vampire

Ep. 48: (2012.09.20) muumin, tegomaku and kurasan

Ep. 47: (2012.09.13) anpanman and summer puppy love

Ep. 46: (2012.09.06) the black hair and girls underwear

Ep. 45: (2012.08.30) moe ringtone and boating license

Ep. 44: (2012.08.23) gokiburi and Thierry Henry

Ep. 43: (2012.08.16) rainbow walking and tongue rolling

Ep. 42: (2012.08.09) sexy apron and the green room

Ep. 41: (2012.08.01) the cute kansaiben

Ep. 40: (2012.07.26) caterpillars and umbrella

Ep. 39: (2012.07.19) girls with bangs and a pop star

Ep. 38: (2012.07.12) the breakfast and a forbidden love

Ep. 37: (2012.07.05) a pig on a cake and all-girls schoo

Ep. 36: (2012.06.28) hot pants and a sekuhara case

Ep. 34: (2012.06.14) bad boy and fat boy
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Ep. 80: soccer manager and angry papa

Air date: 2013.05.02

Since it's May already, Tegomass promoted their new single, Neko Chuudoku.
Tegoshi: I wonder what would everyone say?
Massu: Some fans already told me, "That's great Massu!" "Massu you look okay!".
Tegoshi: (laughs) That's too quick!
Aracchi: (laughs)
Tegoshi: And the coupling songs this time are so great aren't they? Sprechchor and Hana ni Omoi wo.
Massu: Komorebi Memories.
Tegoshi: But that's the song on our previous single! It's from Sayonara ni Sayonara. If we give fans the same song again, they'll go mad!
Massu: We'll recycle.. (laughs)
Tegoshi: They'll be like, "Eh they recycle the song?" It's okay for a song from 2 years ago, but it's from 2 months ago! They'll complain to Johnny's Entertainment!
Massu: They'll create some sprechchor!* (laughs) I'm so smart! Yo!
Tegoshi: (praised Massu) That's smart! Yo, Masuda!
*I'm not familiar with this term, but some sources say that it's a term use by Japanese and derived  from German language, means choral speaking or yelling in chorus. cmiiw! ^^

[super idol passport]

The boys said that Sprechchor is a great song, and created by the team who wrote Mahou no Melody, while Hana no Omoi wo is an up-tempo song with country feeling and using some rustic folk instruments. Massu then shared a story how he was still on "Chiba-mood' while recording and it was hard to relate to the song.

Massu: We recorded Hana no Omoi wo at night just after I did theStrange Fruit rehearsal. I was like, "Why do they send a flower bouquet? Why?"*
Tegoshi: So it went through your head? It became sutorenji (strange)?
Massu: I was like, "A bouquet?!" So I took a quick rest and talked some gentle topics with staffs, and re-recorded the song again.
Tegoshi: So you haven't switched from the stageplay-Masuda to Tegomass -Masuda?!
Massu: I jumped into recording booth without switching the character and was like, "Hana no Omoi wo"?!
(everybody laughs)
Massu: When I switched it later, it turned out to be a good one. I sang it properly as Masuda from Tegomass!

As you might already know, there would be Massu-kara and Tego-kara in these single so they encouraged us to practice by listening to them.
*Not sure, but I think he's talking about the song lyrics.

A fan named Naochin from Aichi sent a mail, and congratulated them for the new release. She's actually not good with cats and more into dogs. But since Tegomass have a 'cat single', she hopes that she'll love cat too, eventually. She requested for Neko Chuudoku.

Tegoshi: I'm a dog person too, so before we have this single, I can't understand people who love cats. This animal seems unfamiliar and has no good image, but when I tried to search more about them, I was like, "meccha kawaii!' My friend told me that cat is a good pet if you live alone. They don't smell and they put a good space or distance with their owners.
Massu: If we talk about Tegoshi, I think you're more into cat-person rather than dog-person.
Tegoshi: That's true. And Massu, you're dog person right?
Massu: I love cats, but our producer is a real cat person, he specially wrote this song for us.
Tegoshi: And the cats meowing "nyaaaa" in the intro, it's actually the producer's cat!
Aracchi: Heeeee so it's not your voices?
Massu: But of course it doesn't sound like our voice at all, right?!
Aracchi: (laughs) Ah is that so..

The radio played Neko Chuudoku by Tegomass.


A fan named Kashiami from Gifu, she's a new 10th grader (Tegoshi reacted: "Congratulation! Yay, JK!" lol) She and her friend just became managers for a soccer club in her high school, and she asked "Yuu-kun" to give her some advises on what she should do because she's actually a little lost.
Tegoshi: Naruhodo. She's a soccer manager huh!?
Massu: (making a disappoint sound) Shun!!!
Tegoshi: Hmmm? Ah I see, is it because the question is for Yuu-kun? That's why you went like 'shuun!'?
Aracchi: (laughs) He read it in one go, though.
Massu: I stumbled a little, so I blame this letter. I'm not good at unfamiliar words.
(everybody laughs)

Apparently "Yuu-kun" is actually looking for a manager now.
Tegoshi: Actually I want you to be the manager for us, we haven't got one!
Aracchi: Eh you never had any manager before?
Tegoshi: No no, I was in all boys school.
Massu: .....Ah you talked about soccer? I'm shocked now, I thought you want to change our manager.
Tegoshi: Well, he's there outside our radio booth, reading a newspaper! (lol)
Massu: And there he goes like, "I'm here! I'm here!"
(everybody laughs)

Tegoshi: Actually I admire a manager job, it somehow becomes a status too.
Massu: Does the manager do everything by himself?
Tegoshi: One person is okay, but there are cases when the club like, "we have these many managers!"
Massu: I see...
Tegoshi: They'll do the laundry, and buy us some drink during the break..
Massu: And she'll buy one can of lemon juice 100%! (to shock one of the player)
Tegoshi: Why do you have to come up with a dokkiri (candid/surprise) idea? We don't need stuffs like that! (laughs) It will affect the quality for the next match! A manager can do things like cleaning up too. Honestly I want her to be a manager for our club now. Come come!
Massu: Well, please go then.
Aracchi: You sounded so cold! (laughs)
Tegoshi: You're so cold!
Massu: Fufufu..

The next mail from a fan named Maachan said that she wanted to ask something to Massu (Massu reacted: "it came!") and then she noticed it's morning already, but she still couldn't  found one. So, it's unrelated but, she often falls on street, so she asked Tegomass to put a spell on her that prevent her from stumble down on the street.
Massu: (acts like mad) How do I supposed to know!!!
(everybody laughs)
Massu: (spells the magic words) You won't stumble down!
Tegoshi: Are you okay? Maybe if you exercise especially your torso part, then you won't stumble down easily!
Massu: And also to have a little interest on me! (lol)

The next mail is from Sayaka in Gifu. She asked them, have they ever think that their face has changed now, compared to old photographs?
Tegoshi: Actually, I wonder why the picture on our ID card or driving license always look worse than the actual person?
Massu: Hmmm maybe because the camera is located a little under?
But Tegoshi said that his passport photo is super good lol.
Tegoshi: My picture was taken by a professional cameraman, it looks like super idol. So when I go overseas the immigrant officers always tell me, "Whoa nice photo!"

Massu said he was so excited when he had to take a picture for a driving license so he wore a super fashionable t-shirt, but in the end they only took his picture from head to neck xD  He also added that he feels his face has changed compared to when he was a boy, but lately it hasn't changed much. And Tegoshi said their face looks different because they often change their hairstyles too.



A fan named Harupaana sent a mail, saying that she can't understand man's feeling. Apparently a male friend kissed her, but he told her that he can only see her as a little sister. He's two year older than her and they're texting and talking on the phone a lot. What should she do?

Massu: Whoaaaaaa..
Tegoshi: Naruhodo. How old is she?
Aracchi: She's 18 years old.
Massu: Tegoshi, say it now!
Tegoshi: In this case...there's a possibility that he's playing on you!
Aracchi: Eeeehh
Massu: That's true..
Tegoshi: But it depends on where he kissed her, too.
Massu: Maybe it's on the lips yo!
Tegoshi: (frustrated) Was it on the liiiiipsss?!
Aracchi: Is it no-no if he kissed her on the lips?
Tegoshi: Of course he shouldn't do that!
Aracchi: What about on the cheek, then?
Tegoshi: Well this is not the USA, it's not a big problem there, so..
Massu: Just like hug too. Eh is she a Japanese?
Aracchi: I think so, her name is Harupaana.
Massu: Eh but there's a possibility that she's a foreigner.
Tegoshi: What are you talking about, she's a Japanese she just put 'paana' after her name!
Massu: Naru hodo. That's not good, I want him to respect you. If he sees you as a little sister, why would a man kiss his sister!?
Tegoshi: Bakayaro!!! Bakayaroooo! If I were her papa, I'll go mad! I won't forgive him!!
Aracchi: (laughs) Otousan?!
Massu: Please act as if you're an angry papa!
Tegoshi: Konoyaro! You kissed Harupaana, huh konoyaroooo!?!
Massu: You can only say ''konoyaro' huh? You're acting mad but lack of contents, I heard 'konoyaro' three times already!
Tegoshi: Hahahahahahahaha!
note: konoyaro means 'this/you basta*d' x)

Tegomass advised Harupaana to tell that man to stop kissing her and to start treating her like a sister. But since she's a 18 yo and she likes this man, they hope this experience could open her eyes that this kind of man exist in this world. Lastly they said they wants every girl to be respected and protected by men.

The last mail was from a fan who said that she's not good at handling compliment. Any advise from Tegomass?

Tegoshi: That's a rare thing..
Massu: Well, I guess she's happy being praised, but she just doesn't know how to react.
Tegoshi: Isn't it good enough if she says, "Sankyuuu deeesu!"
Massu: That's a charai version and it would be weird!

And they started praising each other xD
Massu: Aracchi, you're so cute today.
Aracchi: (sounds flustered lol) Arigatou gozaimasu.
Tegoshi: You're a weak type too!
Massu: You're not good at answering back!

Massu: Tegoshi, you look super kakkoi today. '
Tegoshi: Really? I'm happy to hear that. Thanks.
Aracchi: You're so used to it!

Tegoshi: Massu, you're so fashionable.
Massu: (small voice)...Yup.
Tegoshi: (laughs) You're not used to it, aren't you! Even though you always say that you love being praised!
Massu: But Isn't it good to be just yourself? Just be natural. But it's important to tell your friend that you're happy, like smiling even though you don't say anything.
Tegoshi: Ah that's cute. Rabusukyuuun! (from the intonation I guess he was mimicking comedian Tanoshingo? xD)
Massu: People who are listening to the radio by earphone, please unplugged them now.

The boys promoted Strange Fruit and Neko Chuudoku. They also announced a contest called Neko Jiman Contest, and asked the listeners to send them their cat's pictures which will be selected to be a part of their next album artwork! (You can check on the details on Johnny's net here, and check on Tegomass Shipper's page on Facebook for the details in English here Too bad I have no cat T^T Best of lucks for everyone who's going to challenge this contest!). In this episode, they decided to give the Tegomass ballpoint pen to Harupaana-san :)

Hey guys..
I'm going to go on an indefinite hiatus from translating the radio show. Currently, so much things going on in my RL and I need to focus more on that. Hopefully I'll be back, but I can't promise anything right now. If someone wants to replace me translating the radio show regularly, please go ahead, share the love! :) Thanks everyone for coming here and flail together here, you have no idea how your support encouraged me to keep translating xxx


yuririn cup

Ep. 79: golden week and neko chuudoku

"Onaka suitara nyanyanyanyanya,
kigen warukerya shashashashasha..
Itsumo jiyuuna neko ni muchuuuu..."

(when hungry he goes nyanyanyanyanya,
and when he's on a bad mood he goes shashashashasha
Always get hooked on this free-spirited cat..)

Air date: 2013.04.25

They started the show by talking abut their Golden Week plan.
Tegoshi: What's your plan for Golden Week? I heard that the company workers and students have 10 day holidays!*
Massu: (suddenly sings) Ouh. "Memeshikute memeshikute memeshikute...!"
Tegoshi & Massu: (Tegoshi decided to join singing lol)) "Tsuraiyoooooo!"
Tegoshi: Why? Why did you do that? Is it because of the Golden Week? Majikayooo, thank you though.
*note: Golden Week 2013 is started from April 27-May 6.

[show it to me!]Massu said he wants to go traveling somewhere (though he sounds unsure lol)
Tegoshi: So what will you do?
Massu: I'll definitely clean up my house.
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: But you can do it in just one day!
Massu: Maybe I'll go travelling..
Tegoshi: Traveling is a must right!? (suddenly screams) WHEN WILL YOU GO!? IT'S NOW RIGHT?!
Aracchi: I'm shocked now! (laughs)
Tegoshi: Ahahaha, sumimasen...

Apparently Tegoshi wants to go to Guam.
Tegoshi: I've never been there.. It's near right? Or to Taiwan, since we only went there for a concert..
Massu: And to eat some xiao lon bao
right? Well I want to go to that know, the building with a pool?
Tegoshi & Aracchi: Aaaaah Singapore?! (I think they refer to Marina Bay Sands Hotel?)
Tegoshi: Ah me too, it looks great!
Aracchi: That's a nice place.
Massu: Well, I just want to go to a nice hotel/resort somewhere.

Massu: Aracchi, what's your plan?
Aracchi: Hmmmm..
Massu: Ah that's okay, you don't have to answer that.
Aracchi: Eeeh?
(everybody laughs)
Massu: Fufufufu..
Tegoshi: Ahahahahaha
Massu: I'm sorry please let us know..
Aracchi: Well..
Tegoshi: (surprised) Eeeeh?!
Aracchi: (laughs) Please let me say it!
(Everybody laughs)
Aracchi: I want to go to Hawaii.
Tegoshi: That's a standard answer!
Aracchi: But still it's a great place, please apologize to Hawaii!
Tegoshi: Gomen ne, gomen neeeee! (laughs) Hahaha I'm sorry.
Aracchi: What should I do.. The next 30 minutes is scary.. (laughs)

And they discussed further about the Golden Week term.
Tegoshi: Actually I just knew that NHK doesn't use this term, Massu you don't know too right?
Massu: I knew, I knew.
Massu said that he actually knew about this a long time ago.
note: NHK and some newspapers don't use this term, and refer it as the original Japanese: Oogata Renkyuu (long consecutive holiday). Apparently in 1951, a movie company named the week as "Golden Week" because their box-office record was very good. Other media don't use this term because it will end up being a movie promotion.

The boys then decided to play Neko Chuudoku for the first time in their radio.
Massu: Please look forward for this single!
Tegoshi: I believe this is a kind of song that you've never heard before.
The radio played Neko Chuudoku by Tegomass.


Nyansan from Osaka sent a mail, and she asked them about their fave quotes.
Tegoshi: I have one! I might have said this before, but I think it's really cool. It's a quote from Yazawa Eikichi. Once he was listened to his fans' problems, just like what we do on this radio.. He listened to a lot of problems, like 10 problems, but he didn't say anything at all and was just like "naruhodo, naruhodo.." And after some time, he said "Wait a minute, you guys! All of your problems are nothing compared to mine." And he continued, "Do you know what's mine? I can never watch a Yazawa Eikichi live concert, yo!" And when I heard that, I was like "KAKKEEE.." **
(everybody laughs)
Aracchi: That's so passionate!

** kakke: is a manly and informal way to say kakkoii.

Tegoshi said that only someone with a full confident who can say such words.

Tegoshi: Can you say something like that easily?!
Massu: Well I often say it though. Fufufu
Tegoshi: Reaaaally?? This is the first time I heard that.
Massu: Like, when fans said that they're feeling down, I tell them. "just go to our concert!'
Tegoshi: That's completely different!!!
Massu: Eh different?
Aracchi: (laughs)
(Massu what did you want to say, really x))
The boys then said that they actually really wants to see their own concert, even though it's impossible. Massu also added that he'll look bigger than he looks on the television.

Massu said that his fave quote is from Elvis Presley.
Massu: I've said this before too, though. He once said: "Never deny other's people opinion. Because you'll never be in their position." When I heard that on the television I was like, "Ah that's true!" When we heard someone's voicing his views, sometimes we will "that's not true" or "impossible!" right? I really think that's true.
Tegoshi: Naruhodo ne.
Massu: So I think the ideal one is when we talk, and the other person answer: 'ah I understand.' I want to be a person like that.
Tegoshi: Naruhodo.
Massu: Because I'm a type who loves to deny other's opinion.
Tegoshi: Arerererere? You're not learning anything, are you?

They then went a little dramatic when it was Aracchi's turn to say her fave quote.
Aracchi: "Words can be erased by an eraser."
Tegoshi: Ah is that so?
Aracchi: Eh wait a minute! That's an important quote!
Massu: Fufufu what's the meaning?
Aracchi: Since we can't erase words by an eraser, we have to be responsible for every words we spoke. I learned this from the announcer training back then.
Massu: That's good.
Tegoshi then conclude that words can impress but also hurt people.

And the boys teased Aracchi, saying that she actually has some words she will never erase, lol.
Aracchi: (confused) Words I will never erase?
Tegoshi: (singings) "Tegonyan, Massu Aracchi no Tegomassu no Rajio!"
(and you can hear that the staff played the Aracchi version of the theme)
Aracchi: Noooooo..don't do that! I forgot about that already! Nooooooo!!
Tegoshi: Ahahahahahaha!
Aracchi: Wait a minute, why??!
Massu: Ahahahaha zeee! Yeah!
Aracchi: This is too long, you'll get bored won't you?
Massu: Do you want to erase this?
Aracchi: I want to erase this!
Massu: Eraser pleeeaaase!

The next mail is from Tomone from Chiba (he called Massu as Masshi and Massu was like: "Masshi? Like Masi Oka?" Not sure but he might refer to that Heroes actor?) She wants to tell Tegomass something related with their underwear and swimsuit talk before. According to Tomone, she's not embarrased at all being seen in swimsuit or even underwear. Instead she'll be happy to show it. But she's too shy to go bathing with other people, so she doesn't really go to hot springs (onsen)

Tegoshi seems to be so amused by this confession.
Tegoshi: So she's not embarrassed. Please show it to meeeeeeee!!!!
(everybody laughs)
Massu said Tegoshi was too close to the microphone x)

Tegoshi: So she's embarrassed to go to hot springs. Even though with some fellow women? Well konyoku (mixed onsen) has became uncommon these days right?
Aracchi: Yes, it's rare now..
Massu: But there's some place, if you know where to go.
Aracchi: I think there's some in Aomori.
Tegoshi: Oh is that so? What should a woman do in that situation?
Massu: Even though the entrance (for male and female) is separated, but once they get inside, they'll be together. That's why it's cloudy* inside, and I think most of mixed onsen are like that.
Tegoshi: So you won't see other's underwear.
Massu: Yup. So if you go there with a friend, you won't really worried about other people surrounds you.

*Massu used the word
濁ってる (nigotteru: cloudy) so I think he wants to say that since it's a hot springs, it's steamy and you can't see other's clearly so you won't be embarrassed. I'm not familiar with this kanji, so cmiiw though!

And apparently Tegoshi still has other thing to say lol.
Tegoshi: We've talked about 'point I don't understand from a woman' before right? I remember one thing lately. Why do women diet until they become really skinny? I don't understand! And they'll like, "I'm sorry I'm on diet.. "
Massu: I wonder if it became their fave phrase..
Tegoshi said most of boys don't like gari-gari (skinny) woman, and the boys said they actually wants to see the girls to eat and exercise normally.
Massu: So they can show the underwear and swimsuit too.
Tegoshi: That's true. Quick, shake it up baby!! (in English lol)
Aracchi: (laughs)

[you took my money?]The next mail is from Momoga in Niigata. She asked Tegomass, when is it the right time to read a concert pamphlet: before or after the show?
Tegoshi and Massu both agreed that concert pamphlet should be read before the show. But they're confused about stageplay/movie pamphlet. Massu said he'll buy and read them at home after watching the play/movie. But it's important to know the characters' name before watching, so actually it's case by case.

Tegoshi also said that he wants fans to come without searching for the set list beforehand.
Tegoshi: But a lot of people who came to the concert knew about it before, because they read reports on the internet, or from other sources.
Massu: Aaah..
Aracchi: That's true.
Tegoshi: I want them to come, and not knowing the set list!
According to the boys, it will be more exciting if we know nothing about the set list.

The last mail in this corner is from Marireo in Aichi. She had quarrel with a friend over small thing. But in the end, her friend came to her and said: "I said to much. I'm sorry". She asked Tegomass, which one do they prefer when they quarrel with a friend: to apologize or being apologized?
Massu: Asking for a forgiveness is hard, isn't it? It takes a lot of courage.
Tegoshi: But I'd prefer to apologize.
Massu: You're a nice person.
Aracchi: You're a nice person.
Tegoshi: Eh? But really, seriously!
Massu said apologize first makes someone looks cool, but there's also some situation that makes a person doesn't want to do it. According to Tegoshi, if he thinks that he doesn't make any mistake, he won't apologize. If both of them did wrong things, then he'll apologize first. Lastly they said that Marireo and her friends has a good relationship so they should cherish their friendship.

Nacchan from Chiba has a problem. She lost his money when he went out with some friends, but she actually knows who stole it, because she accidentaly saw a friend took the money from her wallet, but she couldn't say anything at that time. Now she's confused and think about their future friendship, what should she do?

Massu: Whoaaa..
Tegoshi: Naruhodo..this is a difficult question.
Massu: For example, I took some money from Tegoshi's wallet in our green room...
Tegoshi: And I see it when you do it..
Massu: Will you say it, in our MC session. "You took my money, right?!!"
(everybody laughs)
Massu: It will be awkward!
Tegoshi: And we won't harmonize well!
(everybody laughs)

Tegoshi said it's actually a crime and there's a tendency that she'll do it again. So if Nacchan wants to stay as friends with her, she should say to her that she knew about it. Massu also said that even though Nacchan thinks they're friends, but her friends clearly doesn't think so because she stole the money. Both of Tegomass encourage Nacchan to talk to her friend, even though it will be difficult.

Massu promoted his upcoming stageplay and Resident DVD on this April 26th. And they also promoted their new single Neko Chuudoku which will be released on May 22nd.
Massu: it's on Nyannyan no Hi (Cat's Day)
Tegoshi: It's Nyanyan No Hi!
They want us to look forward for the live performance too, and Tegoshi said it will be incredible xD And as usual they giggled and Tegoshi (??) made some funny groaning voice when Aracchi was reading the fanmail address.
Tegoshi: I'm tired! I always use a lot of calories in this ending part! I will be gari-gari if I keep doing this! (lol)

Adorable cats indeed. Lol those faces xD My other fave part is when Massu sings 'goro-goro'. And TOKIO's Yamaguchi-kun jokingly said that the costume suits them, especially Tegoshi since he acts like that in real life ahaha.

Neko Chuudoku is super addictive. "Incredible live performance"? Oh gawd, will they wear those cat costumes on stage? Anyway, sorry for the long break. Rough week, and got overwhelmed by the fandom these past few days. Thanks for reading as always :)  

Ep. 78: hanami, young love and radio goods

Air date: 2013.04.18


Since it's spring and the sakura is blooming, the boys and Aracchi talked about hanami (flower/cherry blossom-viewing)
Tegoshi: Did you go for a hanami this year?
Massu: Well, the most beautiful part is when the petals are falling, right?
Tegoshi: What was that! I asked you whether you already went or not! (lol)
Massu: I haven't gone somewhere for a proper hanami yet, but I always enjoy watching the sakura. Few days ago while I walking on the was the day after a rain, I think? And I saw a running car covered by sakura petals, that was so stylish.
Tegoshi: Here he goes again.. (with a hoarse voice) "A story with no punch line by Masuda.. thanks!"

[otoko matsuri]

While apparently Tegoshi went too see the sakura light-up (at night) to Meguro River with a male friend.
Massu: Did you do hanami then?
Tegoshi: Yes I did.
Massu: Ou!
Tegoshi: I went to Meguro river.
Massu: Ou!!
Tegoshi: (suddenly in a loud voice) I'VE SEEN THE SAKURA!!! Hahahaha.. I'm sorry.
Massu: Fufufu..

Massu said he loves it when it's raining on spring because it gives a nice/warm vibe, and Tegoshi said sakura always gives him romantic feeling.

Aracchi: There are some of your songs with Sakura as its title, in this season, doesn't it makes you want to sing them?
Massu: Of course I'm walking around sakura while singing them.
Aracchi: (laughs)
Tegoshi: We do, we do. (suddenly singing Ketsumeishi's Sakura) "Sakura maichiru naka ni..."
(everybody laughs)
Massu: You're singing someone else's song.. (suddenly sings) "Boku gaa.." (I have no idea whose song is that.. >.<)
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: This show became like Music Station show!

The first mail from Yoko in Nara, she's always excited listening to NEWS song. But when she's feeling down, she'll listen to Tegomass songs to get relax. Yoko loves Sayonara Boku no Machi and right now she's worried thinking about the new semester so she asked Tegomass to play the song for her.
Tegoshi: This is the first time someone requested for Sayonara Boku no Machi right? We sang it on our second tour right?
Massu: The (concert) flow was really great don't you think? From Kushami to Sayonara.. Ony four of us on stage, with two guitarists.
Tegoshi: Yes. I really like this song! The guitar sounds is super beautiful!

The radio played Sayonara Boku no Machi by Tegomass. Afer the song played, Tegomass asked the listener to stay tuned because they're going to have a big announcement in the end of this show.


Massu read the mail, it was from Ayuyu, a 11 years old girl. She's been dating a boy her age since last autumn and his birthday is coming up. She asked Tegomass, when they were on 6th grade, what kind of present that would make them happy? (while Massu reading the mail, Tegoshi was like: "Haaa?!" LOL)

And as soon as he finished reading the mail...
Massu: Boom!! (sounds like he's slamming the paper or desk? Lol, not sure though)
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: It caaaaame! He did it, Massu. An Iron Hammer Masuda!
I'm so shocked now!!
Massu: So does it mean that they're dating for half a year now?
Tegoshi: Even the elementary students are dating now?
Both Tegomass are surprised and said that when they were elementary students, they did have someone they like but never went as far as dating. Tegoshi had his first crush when he was a 3rd grader and Massu was 4th grader.

Of course Tegoshi is curious about one thing.
Tegoshi: This is a weird question, but I wonder do those elementary students kiss their boyfriend/girlfriend?
Aracchi: Well, they maybe do a kiss in the cheek.
Tegoshi: Majikayoooooooo..
Aracchi: And they might kiss on the lips, no?
Tegoshi: Well,  the elementary students are in the same age like Hey Say Jump now, so..
Massu: But the members of HSJ is in their twenties now! (laughs)
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Ah, really? They sang that "showa muri" song right?
Massu: That would be Hey Say 7!
(Lol Tegonyan, please pay more attention to another J&A talents! x))

They then talked about how kind nowadays have different taste on fashion and looks more like adults.
Massu: Many high-schoolers now look more older than us!
Tegoshi: Yes they are! This is like a completely different era compared to our junior days.
Massu: And almost all of the HSJ members are taller than us right?
Tegoshi: They are taller indeed, taller!
Massu: When they ask me, "Massu...blah blah blah right?" And when I answer, "Oh yeah," I have to look up to see their face, I feel like being looked down (lol)
Tegoshi: I could never do a free kick if the opponent team is HSJ members!
(everybody laughs)

Tegoshi then advised Ayuyu to give her boyfriend a video game for a present.
Tegoshi: Or you can give him mini 4WD too.
Massu: But if she gives him stuffs like that, I'm afraid he'll pay more attention to the game after that.
Tegoshi: Ah that's true.
Massu: Just like Tegoshi, he'll play it for 24 hours!
Tegoshi: Yup yup, I play both Dragon Quest and Puzzle Dragon at the same time with my two hands.

Aracchi: Also, she's an elementary students, sure we have to think about the price too.
Massu: That's right. Hmm isn't it nice to make something, like craft? She can go to zakkayasan (miscellaneous goods shop)
and buy some DIY ring or necklace?

Aracchi: Ah, accessories would be nice!
Tegoshi: How about cup?
Massu: Cup is great!
Massu then shared a story when one of his friend on junior high made a ring for a girl he likes by scraping a nut (hardware, type of a fastener with a threaded hole) he got from an acquaintance who works in a construction site. Apparently he scraped the nut by using some metal.
Massu: He met the girl many times to make sure the size of her finger.
Aracchi: Kakkoi!
Massu: Well, he was rejected and I had to go there to comfort him.

And talking about cup, someone need to make an announcement..
Tegoshi: Someone took the cup I made during the school excursion.
Massu: Aaah..
Tegoshi: (suddenly screams with a formal speech lol) WHO'S KEEPING MY CUUP? PLEASE GIVE IT BACK TO ME! I'LL BE WAITING!!!
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Ore no koppu!!
Massu: Someone is using it huh, but as long as he/she use it well..(laughs)

The next mail is from Ayumu in Tokyo, she became a fan since watching their performance with The Gospellers in the latest FNS. She bought all of NEWS and Tegomass DVDs and watched them everyday. Ayumu has a boyfriend and he's more into rock music, while she's more into classic music, so he was annoyed when she kept playing their song, and said: "please let me enjoy the music I like at home!" But lately, his opinion changed. He started to say, "Wow, they're great singer," "This song is great," etc., and watches the DVD together with her. When they were watching the latest NEWS concert DVD, his boyfriend said: "They always give message to the female audience, even though there are male audience too. I want them to give me message too!" Ayumu said one day she wants to attend their concert with him.

Tegomass seems to be very happy and thanked Ayumu's boyfriend. They also said that their male audiences are growing on their live concert.
Tegoshi: Sometimes when we're doing MC, some of the male audience goes; "Massssuuuu!" right?
Massu: Yup.
Aracchi: Well you call your female fans 'konekochan', what would you call the male fans then?
Tegoshi: Menzu, menzu (the men). "Hey, the menzu over theeeere! Let's have fuuuun!!!"
Aracchi: (laughs)
Tegoshi: Well, Momokuro does that thing right, onna matsuri and otoko matsuri. I want us to do an otoko matsuri too. A concert live dedicated only dedicated for men.
Aracchi: And hold a 'man talk session'.
Tegoshi: That's great!

Massu then asked the male fans to bring 100 friends to come and enjoy the concert lmao.

[being charai is a compliment!]

Chichan from Nara has a love problem. Her boyfriend is a popular guy and has many female friends, and she's worried because it seems like one of his friends had a crush on him. She haven't said anything to her boyfriend yet because she's afraid he'll get annoyed. She asked Tegomass, is it troublesome if their girlfriend is being jealous?

Massu: Naruhodo ne, well Tegoshi is that kind of type too, right?
Tegoshi: Aaah, me? Yes yes, ashita kara mata nichi getsu ka, sui moku mawatte kin dou, that's not true, BAKAYAROOOO!
(everybody laughs)
Massu: That's interesting, what you just said.
Tegoshi: Isn't that guy more like you?
Massu: That's not true, yo?! (lol)

Tegoshi: Well there are opinion from male and female perspectives, what do you think, Aracchi?
Aracchi: (excited) I really understand her feeling! I'm a type who can't say such thing. I can't say yada...
Massu: So your boyfriend is a type who likes to play around with other girl, like that?

Aracchi: Wait a minute!
(everybody laughs)

Tegoshi & Massu: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh...
Tegoshi: That's too bad.
Massu: Too bad..
Aracchi: (panic lol) Wait! No no, it's not like that!
(LOL poor Aracchi's boyfriend)

Tegoshi said he doesn't mind it if his girlfriend shows her jealously.
Tegoshi: I might do it on purpose, like telling her that I'll go out with female friends, because I want to see her like, "Eh again? Honestly I don't like that.." (in cute female voice).
Aracchi: Yadaaaa (laughs)
Tegoshi: And I'll say, "I was lying yoooo!" Hahahahaha, I'm such a baka, huh!? Hahaha!
Massu said he doesn't mind too, but actually he'll feel jealous too if his girlfriend going out with another male friend.
Massu: I don't want to have a guilty feeling by going out without telling her, because having female friends is a normal thing. But if it was her who's going to go out, maybe I'll say "yadaaaa' but I'll try to understand too.

They then talked about the term of 'popular man', and Tegoshi told her that it's a great thing she has a popular guy as a boyfriend. Apparently, Tegoshi sometimes overheard some 'girls talk' when he went to have a meal alone in a restaurant.
Tegoshi: I really hate it when I heard they talk about a man and say thing like, "that guy, he's so charai* and disgusting!" Majide!
Aracchi: (laughs)
Massu: Because they're using words like 'charai' and 'kimoi' (disgusting)?
Tegoshi: Well I hate the way they put minus image in the word 'charai'. Because I think 'charai' is a compliment. Being 'charai' means that you're popular with girls. They don't force the girls to hang out with them, that's why an unpopular guy can never be a 'charai'. Listening to those girls, it seems like they hate the guy just because they're popular.
Massu: But I always use that word for Koyama! I don't use it for a compliment!
(everybody laughs)
Massu: Well lately since being a newscaster he looks diligent and kakkoi though.
Tegoshi: He really changed!
Massu: Because once he had a long blonde hair wrapping his neckline and shoulder! Well, that was what I can see from the outside, I didn't really know his inner side though!
Aracchi: (laughs)
*charai means flashy, talkative person, look like a playboy, etc., it actually has a lot of definitions, you can check them here

Lastly Tegoshi told her that being jealous is okay, because if she doesn't show her true feeling her boyfriend will feel lonely.
Aracchi: Then what should she say to him?
Tegoshi: "I'm okay but..actually I'm worried..", like that..
Massu told her that since she has a great relationship, she needs to talk about it and no need to worry.


They finally announced that the radio is having their official goods, it's
Tegomass no Radio's ballpoint pen! Tegoshi said it's really cute and they designed it carefully.

Tegoshi: We were so careful and detailed, just like making a concert goods!
Aracchi: It's moving right?
Tegoshi: Yes, it has a moving logo..

Apparently, they are going to give one ballpoint for one lucky mail-sender (who had their mail read out) every week, but...

Tegoshi: And today, as a special celebration for our goods, we will give the ballpoint as a present to 10 lucky listeners!
(everyone claps)

First of all, they picked a lucky listener this week, and she's Ayumu-san from Tokyo (the one who has a boyfriend who slowly turns into their fans x))

Tegoshi: Yay yay yay!
Aracchi: Congratulations!
Massu: We only give one ballpoint pen for both of you!
Tegoshi: Please don't fight okay!

And about the free ballpoint giveaways, Aracchi explained that we can send a postcard to their radio address and they'll wait for them until the end of April.
Tegoshi: We have to think about an 'ai-kotoba'/password. They have to write it on the postcard. Massu, please pick one word!
Massu: "ARACCHI"!
Tegoshi: Yes yes!
Aracchi: No no, that's okay!
Tegoshi: Isn't it good?

Note: Aracchi later explained in her blog, that the password is 'Aracchi' (whether in hiragana or katakana, both are fine). That listeners also should write their name, address and their mobile phone number. It's okay to add a personal message for Tegomass. If you're interested, here's the mail address (I'm not sure whether the international fans can join this giveaway lottery, but let's try! ^^/)
MBSラジオ  「テゴマスのらじお」
Note: that number is a private postal code for Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc (MBS), their radio company. If you can't write hiagana/katakana, change the second line into: MBS Rajio (Tegomassu no Rajio)

Massu also promoted Resident DVD and their upcoming stageplay Strange Fruits.
Massu: And Tegoshi, please come to Osaka too.
Tegoshi: I think I'll go the to Tokyo show!
(which one Tegonyaaaaann ^^;)

And of course they're announcing the new single, Neko Chuudoku!
Tegoshi: We're releasing our 7th single, Neko Chuudoku on May 22nd!
(everyone claps)
Massu: Isn't the title a little weird?
Tegoshi: I think everybody will love this song!
Massu: It's a song for cat, and for cat lovers.
Tegoshi said the single has a new color for their discography and super catchy, we'll remember it instantly after listening to it once. And it will be super exciting to sing it on a live concert.

In the end, Aracchi told them that she's going to read the mail address and it's an important part because they're having a giveaway quiz and Tegomass agreed.  But as soon as she read it, Tegoshi made a funny crying (?) voice lmao and both of these dorks giggled and made some weird noises as always.

It must be very pretty in Japan right now, I once went for hanami in Chidorigafuchi, and it's one of the prettiest scenery I've ever seen. But Hanami with Massu might end up to be a 'hana yori dango' since he's more interested on food than flowers lol. Was surprised to know that a 11 years old girl has a boyfriend, but I think it's really cute.  


Some updates! (sorry if you know already about these random stuffs :P)  
That picture above was tweeted by Kawaoka Daijiro, another cast on Strange Fruit stageplay when they were enjoying the catering at their play rehearsal. He call them 'an extravagant catering' and apparently he and Massu are doing some muscle training to be on their better shape on stage. (that melon pan looks yummy!)
Massu will be on Hiru Nan Desu on April 22nd, Tegoshi on Shin Domoto Kyoudai on May 5th, and Tegomass will be on Shounen Club Premium Show (NHK) on 15 May.
Do you know why Tegomass are releasing their new single on May 22nd? Some Japanese fans said because 22nd is a  special date for cats! Japanese celebrates Cat Days on February 22nd (2-22, also read as ni-ni-ni, and that's close enough with nyan-nyan-nyan, the sound of mewing cat in Japanese) There's no official explanation til now, but if it's true, then it would be so cute.  

Ep. 77: the ambidextrous man and future daughters

Air date: 2013.04.11

At the beginning of the show, Tegoshi and Massu expressed their supports for everyone who's experiencing new class and new school.
Tegoshi: Isn't this the most exciting season? You might be in the same class with the person you like, and it will make one amazing year.
Massu: That's true, it's a big thing. I mean, it won't happens to us again right now.
Tegoshi: For example like having KAT-TUN members as our classmates?
Massu: If Koki-kun sits besides me, then we'll start rapping!
Tegoshi: Yeah yeah yeah (lol)
(everybody laughs)

The first mail is from Riho-san in Tokyo, she's enrolling in a nursing school, and everytime she feel unsure about her future profession, she'll listen to Bokura no Sora by Tegomass. Their gentle voices and the lyrics always cheer her up, so she requested for that song.
Tegoshi and Massu commented that having a dream is a cool thing, and hope that Riho-san keep believing in her passion. The radio then played Bokura no Sora by Tegomass.

[call me papa!]OTAYORI NO CORNER

Miumiu-chan from Hyogo-ken asked them: "when you cross your hands, which of the thumb is on the top? The right thumb, or the left thumb?" Apparently the answer will reveal their personality.
Tegoshi: The answer is written here, but let's see it after we try crossing our hands! Which one is on the top?
Massu: The right thumb..
Tegoshi: Mine is the left.. Aracchi?
Aracchi: The right thumb..
Tegoshi: Okay okay. The people with right thumb on the top is a left-brained type, generally will think with their logic and based on reasons, while  people with left thumb on the top like me is right-brained type, they like to think by their intuition.
Tegomass (esp Tegoshi lol) seems to be quite impressed and said that the result matches their personality and way of thinking.

But something makes Massu curious..
Massu: Isn't that because I'm right-handed? No? Is that okay?
Tegoshi: But I'm right handed too. I'm ambidextrous* though.
Massu: Is that so? The way you said that, get on my nerves actually (lol)
Tegoshi: Hahahaha! I'm ambidextrous! (apparently strikes a pose)
Massu: It's like you're saying: "wanted!"
Tegoshi: (laughs) It's a little zombie-ish though..

*means 'able to use both hands'. From what I've read, Tegoshi was used to be left-handed, but his father told him to use his right hand too. So now, he holds chopstick in his left hand and pencil on his right hand, CMIIW though!

The next mail is from Yuri-chan. She feels sorry that Tegoshi received more fanmails on previous episodes (lol), so she wanted to ask something to Massu: "What's the meaning of 'yonku' in the word 'miniyonku' (mini 4WD)?

Tegoshi: (in a funny tone, you have to listen xD) "Woooow, such a simple question!"
(everybody laughs)
Massu then explained that the term means 'four wheel drive' and rambled about mini 4WD for a while (he talks really fast and sounds so excited.)

Tegoshi: How is the 4WD tournament going on lately? (refers to a mini tournament holds by Massu and some staffs)
Massu: We've been doing it for 11-12 times now..but I haven't won yet!
Tegoshi: I've heard about that, they said: Massu didn't win!
Massu: Everybody is starting to concern about me (laughs)
Tegoshi: They'll probably use slow motor next time to make you win.

(everybody laughs)

Aracchi: (laughs) Are you okay with that?
Massu: There's one person who is really really fast..
Aracchi: That's why you can't win?
Massu: Well actually maybe I'm not fast enough..
(everybody laughs)

They then talked about how Tamiya released a mini 4WD named Masudanpa (Mass Damper) and Massu joked that the mini 4WD is actually inspired by him xD Lastly, Massu thanked Yuri-chan for sending him a mail.

The next mail is from Chiakipaana from Kobe.

Aracchi: (reading the mail) "I want to asked something related with soccer to Tegoshi."
Massu: Oi, it came so quickly huh!?
(everybody laughs)
Apparently, Chiakipaana watched the soccer game when the Blue Samurai loss to Jordan in the World cup qualifier. She's surprised seeing some players had laser beams shone directly in their faces by some people in the crowd, and think that it's not a good thing at all. She asked Tegoshi, whether this happens too on futsal game?

Massu seems to be very surprised about it and kept saying: "heeee...", while Tegoshi explained that laser incident happens a lot in some international leagues, like in La Liga (Real Madrid or Barcelona). Actually it's forbidden, and according to Tegoshi, this happens because soccer has home-away match system, and the supporters will do anything to support their fave clubs.

Tegoshi: I don't think it happens on futsal game though. The stadium is not that big..
Massu: You'll get exposed! (laughs)
Tegoshi: Yes they'll get exposed! Hahahaha..

The next mail is from Anko-chan in Hokkaido. She's a 15 years old girl, and lately she feels embarrassed to call her father 'papa', so every time she wants to speak to him, she'll say, "Nee nee..". She wants to know, if someday Tegoshi, Massu and Aracchi has a daughter, what do they want to be called?

Tegoshi: I want her to call me 'Papa'!
Massu: Isn't she going to call you Tegoshi?
Tegoshi: That would be strange. Then I'll tell her, "Omae.. You're Tegoshi too!"
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Anko-chan you're still 15 years old right? If my daughter were on the 9th grade, I want her to call me Papa!
Aracchi: Heee..
Tegoshi: How about you?
Massu: I think I want her to call me 'Papa' too..

They then talked about a certain phase when a child stop calling papa and mama and switch into 'otousan' and 'okaasan'.
Tegoshi: I called my mom 'Mama' too.
Massu: And there will be a time when someone calls her mother 'okaasan' at school, but at home they'll switch into 'Mama'.
Tegoshi: Aaaahh.. I understand! I did that I did that!
Massu: When I was little, I call myself "Taka', end even though I started to use 'ore' (means 'I") at home, sometimes I slipped and said "Taka wa ne.." at school. That was dangerous!

Tegoshi: Aracchi, if you have a son in the future, what do you want him to call you?
Aracchi: 'Mama' would be great, though. But if he still young, I want him to call me by my nickname. Isn't that cute?
Massu: Ahhh..
Tegoshi: That's cute..
Aracchi: If he gets older, he definitely won't call me like that anymore. He'll call me baba* (laughs). It's a no-no, I will be very shocked.
Tegoshi: That's just... If my daughter call me kusojiji, my soul will come out from my body.
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Maji de!! If it was my son, maybe it's okay because he's just being a little naughty.. But if it were my daughter..
Massu: Then there will be a super blonde man with a vibrated voice come to you, and ask for your permission: "Please let me date your daughter!" Or he'll say, "Please do that "tegoshi desu!' pose"!
Tegoshi: And he'll like: "He did it, he did it! Fuuu fuuuu!" Those gives me goosebumps already!
Massu: (keep teasing Tegoshi) How if he say: "Please show me your legs muscles!"
Tegoshi: He's such a noisy guy huh, but I'll show them to him! "What do you think of my legs, huh?"
(everybody laughs)
Aracchi: You're so nice!

*baba means 'old woman' and has a derogatory sense

*a disrespectful way to call a father, means 'old c*nt'.

(LOOOL Massu who are you refering to?)

And they kept worrying about their future children lmao xD
Massu: At some point she'll say: "Don't mix my laundry with Dad's pants"
Tegoshi: Or she'll stop taking a bath with us, I'll be shocked!
Aracchi: I don't think it will happen to both of you. They'll proud of their fathers.
Massu: (proud) Well if you say so..
Tegoshi: Hahahahahaha!
Massu: Ufufufufu...

Lastly, they said that calling 'papa' is a cute thing for a 15 years old, so they encouraged Anko-san to keep calling him Papa for now.


Nakahara Toshiaki sensei is on the studio. Erinyaso-san from Ibaraki is a 15 years old girl, she's having a problem and needs some legal advises. Three years ago, her parents divorced, and right now she's using her father surname. Her mother is a foreigner and has a foreign surname. When Erinyaso-san becomes a high school students next year, she wants to have a new surname, because she doesn't like her current one, and doesn't want to change it into her mother's either. Is it possible to have a new one?

Nakahara-sensei explained to Erinyaso-san that it's seems impossible to have a new family name, because there's no principle/fundamental rule that manage that, especially in Japan. And basically changing a surname is a big thing, so he advised her to think about that again. But he also emphasized that there are some laws that make people can have more than one name, for example an author can have a pen-name apart from his/her real name.

Tegoshi: I do love haafu's (names), it's okay for me. I admire them. I think it's kakkoii. But well, it depends on people.

Massu: I think it's okay to change your surname with your mother's.
Tegoshi: We do understand that it's a big thing for you, you must be very confused right now.
Massu: But as a woman, one day you'll get married..and there's a possibility that you'll change your surname again..
Nakahara-sensei: Well in Japan, a married couple can choose whether they'll use the surname of the husband or wife.
Tegoshi: Then is it okay not to change their surname at all?
Nakahara-sensei: If we see it from legal point of view, then it means that they're not a married couple.
Tegoshi: Is that so?! (kinda scream here lol)
Massu: HEEE!?
Nakahara then explained that there's also married couple who use one surname on legal paper, but keep their original surname for the work-related purpose. Tegomass then said that they learned a lot in this episode, thanks to Nakahara-sensei.

Massu promoted Strange Fruit and Resident DVD. Lastly, Tegomass also announced that they're making special goods for their radio show.
Tegoshi: We actually thought about this!
Massu: This is super good!
Tegoshi: We'll announce it next week!
Massu: Next week? But I actually know about it!
Tegoshi: Please don't say anything (laughs) We have to keep them being excited for a week!

And when Aracchi was reading the fanmail address, Massu suddenly said: "This is Aracchi." making Tegoshi laughed (not sure what he pointed at though xD) Of course Aracchi complained and told them to stop laughing but Tegoshi claimed that this is become an interesting corner lmao.

Tegoshi surely will be a nice, strict Papa. And the image of Massu calling himself Taka is super cute. Anyway, sorry I messed up the right-left thumb part, I've fixed them now!

[more about neko chuudoku]
❤ As you might already now, Tegomass is releasing a new single, Neko Chuudoku on May 22nd. And here's a loose translation of what Massu said on his Masterhits last Friday:

"I'm going to announce something here. On May 22nd, Tegomass will be releasing our 7th single. Thank you very much. It's only two month since our latest single Sayonara ni Sayonara, means that we're releasing it on high speed. The title is Neko Chuudoku*. It's a 'ska-cat-pop' song about cat, which we dedicate to all cats, cat lovers, and to make more people love cats. I believe that the cat lovers will get the song meaning once they listen to the song. Actually this song has been prepared a while ago, and we've talked to our staffs about when will be the right time to release it and we decided to do it now. We're so happy. I'm gonna play the song on Masterhits so please look forward for that. And there's another announcement, the Blue Ray for Utsukushii Koi wo Suru Tour will be released on the same day. Of course it will have awesome sound and picture, so please check on that too!" (Massu).

*Neko Chuudoku: Cat Addiction?

[Tegoshi on SDK?]❤ Tegoshi also will be a guest on Shin Domoto Kyoudai (not sure about the date, but probably on 21th? Because they'll have Okada Junichi and Eikura Nana on 14th). I'm sure many of you are wondering why Tegoshi is alone. Some fans guess that Massu might be busy with his stageplay and couldn't make it. Well, I actually watched last week's ep, and realized that SDK kinda changed their format. Last week guest was Yoshitaka Yuriko and Moriyama Naotaro (weird combi right? xD). Both are having new dorama and album, and apparently Yuririn kinda requested to meet Moriyama-san because she loves his music since her student days. So my prediction is the other guest wants to meet Tegoshi, so that's why he got an invitation? Or the other way around? Lol, just my two cents, sorry for rambling. Kinda sad Massu isn't there, but can't wait to see some interaction between him and Dots :)

(Just because this image represents my feeling right now very well. Yay for a new single~! There must be a reason why they release it so quickly. Here's hoping for a summer album from NEWS!)

Ep. 76: omanju and the mole on finger

Air date: 2013.04.04

Just like last week, they still talked about the new life everyone's having on April (for example being a new student, a new employee etc). When suddenly Tegoshi said..
Tegoshi: Actually I don't really like this season..
Massu: Ah, you don't like being carried away?
Tegoshi: It's not that.. It's just, I love to observe people from the inside of my manager's car.. But at this moment, when the semester and fiscal year changes, the (girls with) uniforms are nowhere to be found! They're less than usual!
Massu & Aracchi: Aaaah..
Massu: Naruhodone..
Aracchi: Are you feeling lonely?
Tegoshi: I am!
Massu: Sometimes you have to try to see them on private clothes. It's a rare chance, too.
Aracchi: That's true.
Tegoshi: For the new students of junior and senior high school, please cherish your uniform! Hmm? Hahaha!!

This made Aracchi and Massu kinda speechless lol, and Tegoshi explained that he loves any kind of uniforms.

[kiss kiss kiss?]First mail is from Ayano-san. She was a jukensei* this year. At those difficult moments, their song Mahou no Melody boosted her energy. She thanked them and asked: "Do you have any particular song that will boost your mood or help you on difficult times?" Ayano-san also requested for Mahou no Melody.

*a term for students who are taking an entrance exam

As expected the boys seems to be very happy knowing that. They also congratulated her and clapped for Ayano-san.
Aracchi: So do you have any song that encourages you to work harder?
Tegoshi: I guess it's Momokuro! (Momoiro Clover Z)
Massu: Ufufufu
Tegoshi: Hahahahaha!
Aracchi: Which one, by the way?
Tegoshi: Well, generally all of their song, yo. Before performing (on concert) as Tegomass or News, I always play their song in the green room to make me excited to the max! I also played them a lot on the latest NEWS tour.
Aracchi: Ah so you played them when you're with another members?
Tegoshi: Yup yup, with speakers..
Aracchi: (asking Massu) So you listen to them as well?
Massu: Well I listened to another song using my headphone.
(Everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Aramaaa! I didn't know about that!!

Massu then explained that he loves listening to hip hop.
Massu: Stuffs like "boom boom, yeah"! "Yo yo"! But in reality I sing gentle songs.. (lol)
(Everybody laughs and Aracchi commented: "The gap is amazing!" xD)
Tegoshi: So what song makes you feel energized then?
Massu: Well afterall it's Mahou no Melody, it's a good song..
Tegoshi: I see.. And again, you gave us such a boring answer.
(Everybody laughs)
Massu: No no no, on the contrary your answer actually made fans like 'Eeeeh?' 'What's with Momokuro!?'
(Everybody laughs, Tegoshi laughed so loud xD)
Tegoshi: Hahaha sure they do!!
Massu: My answer is actually better than yours! (suddenly introduce the requested song) Okay, so please listen to this song by Tegomass..
Tegoshi & Massu: Mahou no Melody!
Tegoshi: (surprised) You did did it so quick.. (lol)

The radio played Mahou no Melody by Tegomass

On some previous ep, Tegomass had asked their fans to give them some suggestions for their new original song (read here), and apparently there are many fanmails came and they decided to pick the top three answers.

Aracchi: I will announce them now. Number 3!
Tegoshi: Come on! (Lol)
Aracchi: "A bright, cute song. We want to see the cute Tegomass!"
Tegoshi & Massu: Ooouh..
Tegoshi: Like "Chu Chu Chu"?
Massu: Like "Kiss Kiss Kiss"?
Tegoshi: Well Laruku has a song with similar title
Massu: But our Chu Chu Chu is cuter than Laruku's right?

Aracchi: Number 2: "Ballads! We want to hear your gentle voices!"
Tegoshi & Massu: Hooooo...
Tegoshi: It seems like they want a song with harmonization just like songs on a choir contest.
Massu: (suddenly sings) "Kono hiroiii aozora niii..*
Tegoshi: Eh what is that? Excuse me, I don't know..
They practiced the song together for a moment, but apparently Tegoshi doesn't know the song lmao.
*A graduation song called Tabidachi no Hi ni, you can watch the video of SMAP singing this song here. The reason why Tegoshi doesn't know about it might be because his school had another graduation song, like Tsubasa o Kudasai or Hoaru no Hikari.

And finally..
Aracchi: Number 1: "Up tempo! We want to get nori nori* at the concert!
Tegoshi: There are many kinds of up tempo songs, from hip hop to rock. I love rock.
Massu: I love hip hop.. But if I started the concert by saying "Yo!!" they won't like it huh?
Tegoshi: They'll like, "Haaaa?"
Tegomass found the answer for number one is a little unexpected, but still they are very happy receiving huge amount of fanmails xD
*Nori-nori means excited

[cuki cukiyo!]And there's more..

Aracchi: Do you guys remember when you asked the listeners to write down 'something good about me'? A lot of fanmails came, sharing about 'the good parts of Tegonyan' and 'the good parts of Massu'. (note: still from this episode)
Tegoshi: That's great. COME ON!
Massu: How about Arai-san?
Aracchi: Some mails came for me. First let's start with mine. The good part of Arai-san is ....
Tegoshi: I will guess this right, I definitely will!
Massu: Is it "your tone deafness"!!?
Tegoshi: Is it "the way you control Tegomass"?
Aracchi: That's right! (refers to Tegoshi)
Tegoshi: Yaaaaay!
Apparently, the listeners think that Aracchi has a good relationship with Tegomass, especially the way she handles them, and accepts their unreasonable behaviour. And she also has a beautiful voice :)

Hearing that, Tegomass..
Massu: Of course you're beautiful, but we can't describe it on the radio..
Tegoshi: That's true.. You're beautiful.
Massu: You're beautiful yo.
Aracchi: (embarrassed) No no..
Tegoshi: I wonder what will come out if we google your name?
Aracchi: (laughs) Please don't do that..  Maybe the results would be some weird stuffs.
Massu: Like Toiro-chan?

Aracchi then reading the results for 'the good parts of Massu'.
Aracchi: There are top three answers. Number 3: fashionable!
Massu: Huoooo..
Tegoshi: It's number 3? I thought it would be number 1!
Aracchi: Number 2: voice, your singing voice
Massu: Hmmm
Tegoshi: Naru hodone.
Aracchi: And number 1..
Tegoshi: His smile, right?
Aracchi: That's right!
Tegoshi: YAAAAAY! Chorisu chosriiiiiiisu!!
And other answers from fans are: kakkoi, ikemen, macho, good at dancing, and has some personality gaps. Massu seems to be very pleased and said: "They're right! Okay, let's make this show an exciting one!" xD A fan from Hokkaido even wrote that she loves Massu's ankles, and Massu reacted: "But they're not something I often show to everyone!"

Aracchi: A fan named Tegoshimanonzo also wrote this: "Masuda-kun, omanju!"*
Tegoshi: Eeeh? What's that? Body type? Face? (LOL Tegoshi, you!!)
Massu: I don't get her, just like I don't get her radio name.
(everybody laughs)
Massu: Pass, pass!!
(everybody laughs)
*As you might already know, other members once called Massu 'omanju' (Japanese sweet steam bun) on one of their MC talk in Utsukoi Tour.

Aracchi then continued to read "the good part of Tegoshi"
Aracchi: Number 5: "Always give his best effort for everything". Number 4: "Manly, cool".
Tegoshi: Huoo..
Aracchi: Number 3: "A hardworker, and hates to loose". Number 2: "Always think about fans, for example calling them his kittens"
Tegoshi: That's true yo, koneko-chan! (lol)
Aracchi: And what would you guess for number 1?
Tegoshi: Song-related?
Aracchi: That's right!
Tegoshi: YAAAY choriiisu choriiisu!
Apparently they love his singing voice and vibrato the most.

Hearing that, Massu..
Massu: Heeee.. They love many of your inner sides. So that means that my face is handsome than yours? Ahahahahahahahahaha! (laughs weirdly lool)
Tegoshi: Hahahahaha (laughs weirdly too xD)
Massu: Hahahaha
(everybody laughs)

Fans also loves others parts of Tegoshi, such as great at soccer, his idol character, and even his everything xD
Massu: That's great right?
Tegoshi: (baby voice) Cuki cukiyoooo!
Aracchi: There's Anri-san from Aichi, said that the great part of Tegoshi are his legs muscles....
Tegoshi: THANK YOU VERY MUUUUUUCH! (apparently strikes a pose)
(everybody laughs)
Aracchi: She couldn't see you now!
Massu: Lately our stylist said, "Massu's legs are slimmer than Tegoshi."
Tegoshi: Heeee..
Massu: But mine are shorter though, huahahahahahaha! (laughs so loud)
(everybody laughs, and someone claps xD)
Tegoshi: That's really funny!

There's also fan who compliment Tegoshi's drawing skill (lol).
Aracchi: And Kana-chan from Tokyo said she loves the mole on your finger.*
Tegoshi: Mole on my finger? This? That's maniac! (suddenly in cute voice) Yadaaamooon..*
(Tegoshi then showed his mole to Massu and Aracchi)
That's embarrasing!!
Massu: But it can be seen easily though, I also know that you have mole there xDD
Aracchi: (laughs)
*Some of you might noticed that he has a mole on his ring finger (right hand, if I'm not mistaken? cmiiw!)
**means: "no no" or "I don't want to.." "mon" usually used by female speaker.

Lastly, Tegomass expressed their happiness and wish that they'll receive more fanmail and do this like once a month lol.
Massu: But we don't need your opinion about "things I don't like from Tegomas.." Fufu..
Tegoshi: I want to know that though.. It will be interesting!
Aracchi: (laughs) You want to?
Massu: Please write them down, 3 points for me, 5 points for Tegoshi!
(everybody laughs)
Lastly they changed their mind and decided to cancel their request and wait until they have stronger mental to hear criticism xD

(unexpectedly, Massu read the corner's description with a soft, calm tone lol)
Massu: That's because they said my voice are great.
Tegoshi: Naru hodo, so you quickly use it after being praised? Okay okay..
Kana-san from Tokyo sent a mail, she's going to have her first part time job in a cake shop which also sells other foods like salads etc. She needs to memorize name and price of the foods (there are around 80 types!), and asked for some advises.

Tegoshi told her not to worry, and said that if she loves her job, she'll remember everything quickly. Massu advised her to take some pictures of the menu and made it into cards format, and try to memorize them by seeing the pictures.
Tegoshi: Massu, you like cake shop don't you? He loves it, Kana-chan.
Massu: Suki, yo.
Tegoshi: Kana-chan..
Massu: Suki

Tegoshi: (laughs) I think she gets your point already!

Massu promoted his upcoming stageplay, Strange Fruits and the DVD for Resident dorama.
Tegoshi: Actually Tegomass are working on something now!
Massu: That's true!
Tegoshi: We will make a little announcement. It's something that will please our fans. We won't disappoint you, so please look forward for that!

And at the ending, while Aracchi was reading the fanmail address, Massu suddenly call her name:"Chisato!" and Tegoshi made some loud voice as usual lmao.

I love how fans really did everything Tegomass asked them on the radio (even when they sound like not serious at all) LOL at Massu's reaction when  a Tegoshi fan called him 'omanju'. And that mole thing... Just wow. Excited about their upcoming announcement, though I kinda miss NEWS too..

Massu's Mousou Kiss Situation (K-chan News 4/3)

Hi guys,
just want to share some quick translation of what happened last night. Some weeks ago, Massu promised on Kei-chan NEWS to give the listeners a  special gift (especially for student fans who just passed the school exams). Kei-chan then asked the listeners to choose between mousou kiss situation (fantasy kiss situation) dialogue and a line from Bambina (motto kanjisasete yaruyo, means 'I will make you feel it more'). Many fanmails came and they want Massu to do mousou kiss, but fans are smart enough to put the Bambina line inside those kiss situation dialogues xD As expected he failed a lot, but he's just too cute let's just forgive him xD

(I) Opening

Massu (M): "I understood. I'll make you realize, that my lips are better than that guy. Alright, you want it don't you?" (laughs)

(II) University

Kei-chan (K): The college entrance examination is over, and I got into the same university as my senpai and boyfriend, Takahisa-senpai.
M: I don't go to the college though (lol)
K: So I went to his house to let him know.. "Takahisa-senpai! I got in the same university as yours!"
M: "Ou, congratulations."
K: "Eh, that's all? You won't give me any present?"
M: "What do you want, for example?"
K: "Something like chu, or chu?" Hearing that, Takahisa-senpai put his face closer to mine...
M: "Fufufufufufufu.. Chuuuuu... Congrats, I'm happy that we'll be in the same university. That kiss just now is a reward for your hard work. And as for the exam success gift, I'll give you more than just a kiss, motto kanjisasete yaruyo fufufufufu chu!"

(III) Black undies

K: It's raining even though the forecast said that it will be sunny today. I don't bring any umbrella, so I waited in front of shoes locker, and that's when my boyfriend Takahisa came.
M: "So you don't bring any umbrella? Me too. Let's just run until my house."
K: He pulled me into his arm and the we got into Takahisa's house.
M: "Ah we're soaking wet, sorry!"
K: "It's okay, don't worry about that.." But when I look at his face, Takahisa is blushing. "What's wrong?"
M: "So you're wearing black underwear today ahahahaha. Fufufufufufu. Chuuu. Motto kanjisasete yaru kara, let's stay together for a while."

(IV) Actor

K: On a holiday. Both of us were watching movie at Takahisa's home. "That actor is sooo cooool!"
M: "Hmmmph.."
K: "Say, what's wrong with you?"
M: "Nothing."
K: "But why you're in such a bad mood? Did I do something wrong?"
M: "I'm here with you but you said that the actor is better than me."
K: "That's not true. You know that I chose you over him."
M: ".... Muaah (making kissing sounds). That's a punishment kiss for cheating. Eh? You're feeling it already? Okay then, motto kanjisasete yaru yoo hahahahahaha!"

Apparently the girl said that the actor would be Shige and it made Massu complained lmao. And In the end, a listener asked Kei-chan to say that Bambina line. He did it well, but it wasn't good enough for Massu and Massu tried to show him the perfect way to do it, but failed again twice xD

Audio credit:
Pic credit: Inala@lj


Ep. 75: toilet talks and radio jingles

Air date: 2013.03.28

At first Tegomass and Aracchi talked about spring.
Tegoshi: It's the middle of spring break now for students. After this, some of them will have their grade up, or change their school, some also turn into shakaijin. Spring is the season of change!
Tegoshi and Massu then chatted a bit on how they used to be excited and nervous when it's time for new semester/class, especially if they can be in the same class with the girl they like. Tegoshi said that when on 10th grade, he was in the same class with his mains and they were kind of awesome, while Massu said his classmates are mainly fast-runners and they always won the sports festivals.

Massu: That was because they had me there!
The boys also realized that their radio show has been airing for one and a half year now, and they seem to be happy about it (yay!)
*shakaijin is a Japanese word for person who works in a company, read more here.

[moko moko girlfriend]The first mail is from Maria-san from Kobe. She loves their song Komorebi Memories so much and wanted to get some advises on how to sing it properly.

Tegoshi: This song is difficult to sing! If you can sing it perfectly then our business will be dead!*
Massu: Fufufu..
Aracchi: The business will be dead? (laughs)
Massu: I really like this song though, being able to sing it, it feels like being an adult.
Tegoshi: That's true. It's absolutely impossible to sing it when we were just debuted with Miso Soup.
Aracchi then commented that the atmosphere of the song is wonderful. And since it's a ballad, Tegoshi advised Maria-san to sing it in a relax mode, and listen carefully to the harmonization by keep repeating the song and remember the words. While Massu told her to put some feeling while singing to the song, and Tegoshi also added that it's a cool breaking-up song.
*Tegoshi used the expression 'shoubai agattari', so he wanted to say that they'll loose their job x)

The radio played Komorebi Memories by Tegomass.


Ei-chan from Okayama sent a mail and shared an interesting story. Some times ago she chatted for 4 hours with a girl friend in a coffee shop. It's a common thing for girl to have a long conversation, but when she told her father about that, he told her: "I can't talk for hours like that!" Since Aracchi is a woman, Ei-chan believes that she'll understand. But how about Tegomass? What are some 'girl things' that they don't understand?

Tegoshi: I don't understand why they could chat for four hours.
Aracchi: Eh you don't? Haven't you talk for 4 hours in phone before?
Massu: That would make my ear becomes red! (laughs)
(Everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: Impossible, impossible, impossible!
Aracchi said that he used to have a long talk with friends on the phone especially on her younger days.

Apparently Tegoshi has something he doesn't understand x)
Tegoshi: I have one actually, especially in summer. We'll all go to the pool or to the beach, and every girls wears their swimsuit right? For me, man's swim trunks and pants are just the same, so I wonder why girls are shy when they are (seen) in their underwear? Isn't it the same with swimsuit? For me they are similar!
Aracchi: Swimsuits are waterproof, so we feel safe/protected, while underwear are not.. And also the materials are different..
Tegoshi: (still confused lol) I see.. But for me it's kinda weird..
Massu: But yes, girls are more shy than the boys, indeed.
Aracchi: So the boys are not shy at all?
Tegoshi: Totally.
Massu: But I have a male friend who is too shy and jump in to the beach with his t-shirt on..
(Everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: But why?
Massu: Fufufu.. Maybe because his belly is a little round..
Tegoshi: Do some work out then!

While Massu said he doesn't understand why girls need to have long nails.
Aracchi: The sculptured nails?
Massu: Aren't they bothersome?
Tegoshi and Aracchi: Aaaah..
Massu: I can understand about high heels since it makes the legs look longer, but what's with long nails? It's okay to have it for a short period of time, but after a long time.. it's even hard to press in the cellphone keypads right?
Tegoshi: That's true. But for me it's not a plus thing, and not a minus thing either..
Massu: Of course it's cute but they look extremely hard (to keep)..
Tegoshi: I have a friend with long nails and she asked me to teach her guitar, so I said (suddenly screams): "First of all, cut them all!'
Massu: Fufufu..
Tegoshi: Hahahaha I'm sorry the listeners must be surprised now..
(everybody laughs)

And of course they need to interrogate Aracchi too.
Tegoshi: Aracchi do you have anything you don't understand from man?
Aracchi: Man's.. Eh, please wait a minute. Ah I know, the toilet!
Tegoshi: Toilet?
Aracchi: The woman's toilet consists of many compartments right? But the men are standing (to each other). In that situation, I wonder would one be able to see others'? (note: Aracchi didn't mention the subject but I bet you'll get it anyway).
Tegoshi: Each others'?
Massu: Sometimes there are people who look at other's, right?
Tegoshi: Yes there are! I won't see others', I'll see the wall.
Massu: But basically people look at their front don't they?
Aracchi: I see, please be careful..
Massu: That's right..
Tegoshi: Well actually I don't really care, but I'll get embarrassed in sento (communal bath house) though. Ah, talking about sento, how do the girls wear their towel? Do they use it as front cover or roll it (to their body)?
Aracchi: It depends on people, there are people who only cover their lower part, or don't cover anything and get in into the bath, and also there are people who cover only their front part.
Tegoshi: Heee..
That's impossible I always wear a small towel.
Massu: I actually don't go to that place because it's like whaaaa (being seen)
Tegoshi: It's embarassing huh? I feel the same.
Aracchi: Eeh but how about with other NEWS members?
Tegoshi: We don't know!
Massu: We don't know! Fufufu..

Tegoshi then explained that he once went to onsen with other members but that was long ago, and  he couldn't remember anything except that Shige is the wildest of all (actually he said that it's just his imagination though) xD
Massu: He's like a type who don't bring his towel.
Tegoshi: And he'll take off his clothes in front of camera (laughs)
Aracchi: (laughs) Really?
Massu: This is my image only, but I can picture him brushing his teeth while washing his face.
(Everybody laughs)
Aracchi: That's unexpected.
Massu: He's wild, he's wild.

Aru-chan from Niigata asked them about their sleep outfits. Apparently she's wearing sweatshirt and sweatpants when sleeping.
Tegoshi said he wears sweatshirt and a moko-moko or fluffy pants he received as a birthday gift last year from an ikemen soccer player, Tanaka Junya. While Massu said that since it's getting warm now, he'll sleep with T-shirt and sweatpants.
Massu: How about you Aracchi?
Aracchi: I sleep with long skirt.
Massu: Eeeh?!
Tegoshi: How about the top?
Aracchi: I wear top, it's one piece!
Massu: So you only wear clothes for the lower half only.
Aracchi: That's not true! (laughs)
Tegoshi also said that he wants his girlfriend to wear fluffy clothes so he can make her his pillow.

The last mail is from Monkumin, asking them a question related with their single's title: "Sayonara ni Sayonara". If they had to break up or separate from someone, which one is better: being the one who says sayonara, or the one who being left?
Tegoshi briefly answered that he'll choose to be the one who being left, because he'll feel sorry for saying sayonara to the girl, and Massu agreed with that.
Massu: But there will be no 'sayonara' between us, so please listen to this song by Tegomass...
Tegoshi: (cutting Massu) No no no.. I was surprised! This is the end (of this corner)!

Apparently, Aracchi announced that in this ep, this corner is changed into "please listen to theme-song made by Aracchi corner".
Aracchi: Do you remember when you guys told me to make a jingle? (from this episode), you promised to sing it for me, so please listen to this.
Massu: Maji deeee?
Tegoshi: Aracchi you did it!
Tegomass seems to be very surprised lol. (I always thought that Massu was joking when he told Aracchi to make a jingle xD)

A song playing in the studio, Aracchi has recorded a sample song with her own voice in hip hop style, and it goes like this:
"Tegonyan, Massu, Aracchi's Tegomass no Radio! We'll be waiting for your mail, ze! The postcard number is: 530-830 MBS Rajio! Tegomass no Radio! The mail address is Our name is Tegomass! There are 2 's' on Tegomass yo!
*note: the particle 'ze' is used on sentence to add some force, and usually used by male.

(everybody laughs)
Aracchi: That was it.. (laughs)
Tegoshi: Naruhodo, naruhodo.. That's wonderful!
Massu: That's wonderful!
Aracchi: What do you think?
Massu: I can only give a confused reaction.

Aracchi then explained that she sang it without tempo etc, and think that Tegomass would make it better, so she asked them to sing it one by one xD At first Massu was kinda refuse the idea and asked for a month to practice lol (and there was a tambourine sounds in the studio, not sure who played that though). But then Tegomass decided to take the challenge.
Tegoshi: I'll sing it freely, yo.
Aracchi: Yes, please.
Tegoshi: Okay, Massu go first!
Massu: (laughs) But why!? You sound like you want to go first just now! I need to think about this after listening to the sample!
(everybody laughs)
Here is Massu's version:

Massu: Tegonyan, Massu, Aracchi's Tegomass no Rajio! We'll be waiting for your mail, ze! The postcard number is (in a deep voice) 530-830 MBS Rajio! Tegomass no Radio! The mail address is (laughs) There are 2 's' on Tegomass, yo!"

(everybody laughs)
Massu commented that it's difficult to sing it and when it's Tegoshi's turn, he asked the staff to make the tempo faster xD So here is Tegoshi's version:

Tegoshi: Yeaaah, Tegonyan, Massu, Aracchi's Tegomass no Radio! We're going to wait for your all all all mail, ze! The postcard number is  530-830 MBS Rajio! Tegomass no Radio, ooooouuh! The mail address is, Tegomass, yes our name is Tegomass! There are 2 's', there are 2 's', on Tegomass, don't make a mistake yo, uh oh!"

Aracchi: Ooohh, let's use this one!
Massu: (Jealous? lol) Aracchi, you're an evil really. I might won't come next week.
Aracchi: (laughs) please come!
Tegoshi: I'm so tired now! Been a long time.

LOOOOOL but lastly they thanked Aracchi for making the jingle ^^

The boys promoted the Sayonara ni Sayonara, and Massu promoted Strange Fruit and the DVD for Resident. He made a brief comment that everybody we'll be surprised to see his character. Tegoshi said he'll come to the stageplay in Tokyo Globe.
Massu: Come to Osaka too.
Tegoshi: I'll come there and bring you some takoyaki (laughs). I'll come to Tokyo Globe or Osaka then.
In the end, Aracchi commented that they seem to be very tired and apologized again xD

Gosh the jingle part cracks me up, Tegoshi really took it seriously loool. Nice job, Aracchi! And I was surprised when she asked about the man's bathroom thing ahaha, actually I'm curious too about that xD
Note: (1) hope you don't mind having a shorter-than-usual summary this week. Suddenly I'll be away for 4 days, so yeah. And anyway I've updated the Strange Fruit post, you can check it out if you're interested HERE. (2) If you have problem listening to the audio, please go to TNR fanpage HERE as Ines has uploaded the audio too there ^^
audio credit: news_mass12221@twitter

Ep. 74: nobunaga yuya and musashi massu

Air date: 2013.03.21

The boys talked about their promotional guesting for Sayonara ni Sayonara in some television music programs.
Tegoshi: We appeared a lot, didn't we?
Massu: Yes yes, in Gurunai, Music Fair, Music Japan and many more..
Tegoshi then commented that having a special talk show in Music Fair was really interesting, especially when they watched some VTR of their old performances. He said their hair look completely different now.
Massu: Tegoshi, you've changed a lot, right? Well I've changed too.. But compared with that time when we collaborated with Tanimura-san for Miso Soup, you're really different now.
Tegoshi: Ah really? I was around 17, or 18 maybe?
Massu; I think I was 20 years old.
Tegoshi: Ah, I was 19 years old then!
Both of them said proudly that they're adult now x)

[suki suki?]Apparently Aracchi also watched the show.
Aracchi: You guys were so cute.
Massu: Did you watch it?
Aracchi: Of course I did, absolutely..
Tegoshi: Suki? Suki? (kinda enforced Aracchi to say yes lol)
Aracchi: I think it was good.
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: So you think it was great but you don't like it?!
Massu: The way you refused it.. You sound like saying "no" to a shop assistant.
Aracchi: (laughs) No no no.. I didn't mean that!
Tegoshi: So that's how an adult woman refuse something, huh. Naru hodo naru hodo, thanks Aracchi we've learned something now!
Besides appearing on music show, the boys also said that they appeared on many magazines (yes we know xD), and Massu claimed that "It's Tegomass season now!"

And then Massu started being random and complaining about something (actually he talked really long here, but I cut some repetitive parts ^^)
Massu: We just talked about Music Japan right? I want to say something about it. So I wanted to record the show, but the show wasn't there (on the list). I've searched it for many times, but I just couldn't find it. I was like, "Eh? Isn't it on TBS?" but it wasn't there. "Ah maybe it's on NHK?" But it wasn't there too! And then I thought maybe they haven't updated their show yet, and it will come out in the last minute before the show..But I waited until March 10th, and there was no Music Japan on the list and I was like, "I can't record the show!". I kept searching and searching and pressed many parts of the remote control and when I narrowed the screen, it came out. Suddenly. Have you experienced that?!"
Tegoshi: Noo..
Massu: It was there?
Tegoshi: It was there since the very beginning.
Massu: (confused) Are?
Tegoshi: It was there, and your long talk had no punch line. I'm shocked now. I thought you were going to say something interesting in the end. Our listeners too, they must be like: "no way!".
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: (in a funny, hoarse voice) "Masuda Takahisa's story with no punch line!"
Massu: I'm sure someone experienced the same thing, how about the radio staffs? Ah! Someone did! (apparently a staff said yes)
Tegoshi: Seriously!! He's a staff who always plays mini 4WD with you, so that's why you guys have a common syndrome!
(everybody laughs)
Massu: We used our finger to turn the screw a little bit too much..  (laughs)

A fan named Yuki-san sent a mail, and shared a very sweet story. Apparently, she has a boyfriend for 6 years, and their anniversary is on March 6, the same with Sayonara ni Sayonara release date. And at that day, her boyfriend told her that he has an important thing to say and came to her house. There, he suddenly sang the chorus part of Sayonara ni Sayonara, gave her a bouquet and proposed her (aww!). Even though her boyfriend always jealous of Tegomass and NEWS, but the lyrics really fit with his feeling so he tried his best to remember the words and sing it for her. Yuki-san said, "this song became my memory for a lifetime. Thank you Tegomass for the lovely song. I will keep supporting both of you."

Tegomass seems to be very happy and kept saying "sugoi" and clapping.
Tegoshi: This man is so cool!!
Massu: Kakkoi ne! I'm sure he sang the second C-mero..
Tegoshi: Why?
Massu: Because it's my part fufufu..*
Tegoshi: No no I think he sang the first one! We haven't performed the second part on TV yet, so I think he sang my part! (lol)
Massu: Heee but he's awesome, maybe he sang the lower harmonization then?**
Tegoshi: That will be strange!!
Massu: Fufufu but I think he sang it after listening to massu-kara fufufu.
Tegoshi: If that happened then I want to ask him: WHY?! (Tegonyan spoke in English lmao)
(everybody laughs)
Lastly Tegomass said they are very happy and looking forward for Yuki-san and her soon to be husband to come to their next tour.
*Massu refer to the line: "yakusoku shiyou.. "
** Massu sang the shita-hamo or lower harmonization in the first chorus.

The radio played Sayonara ni Sayonara by Tegomass.

[dabo-dabo fashion]


The first mail came from Tegomasuhirano in Hokkaido. She wants to meet Thomas Alva Edison and ask him about how he invented the electricity.What about Tegomass? If they could meet a historical figure, who would they choose?
Massu: Edison? That would be me.
Tegoshi: Oh yes, then please talk more about that, I'm listening now! Hai, Dozo, dozo!
Massu: So the electricity, ne.. Ufufufufufufu..
(everybody laughs)
Massu: (laughs) I didn't mean it that way, I thought you were going to cut me there.
Tegoshi: No no we won't cut your words! (laughs)
Massu: Fufufu..

Massu said that he wants to meet Miyamoto Musashi (read more about him here)
Massu: I had a role as (young) Musashi on a Taiga dorama before, and I also read Vagabond (manga), so..
Tegoshi: What will you ask then?
Massu: (using a formal/polite form) Are you Musashi-san? Fufufufu..
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi: You are so honest asking him like that!

Tegoshi said he wants to meet Oda Nobunaga.
Aracchi: Why do you want to meet him?
Tegoshi: Because I think we have the same personality (laughs)
Aracchi & Massu: Heeeee..
Tegoshi: I read a lot of history books, and in that era (Sengoku Jidai, 15th-17th century), and from those three: Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, I think my character is very similar with Nobunaga.* So what I want to ask is: "Aren't we similar?" (talking in informal form)
Massu: Maybe he'll like, "I never heard about Tegoshi!" "No we are not, sorry!"
(everybody laughs)
(*note: Those three great daimyo has their own approaches and styles. According to a popular description, if a bird won't sing, Oda will say: "Kill it", Tokugawa will say : "Wait for it to sing", and Toyotomi will say: "Teach the bird to sing." I kinda love Hideyoshi character the most, and
recommend you to read one of my fave historical novel, Taiko by Yoshikawa Eiji to know more about them, especially Nobunaga, he's an interesting character.)

Aracchi said she wants to meet Himiko (read here), and after hearing that, Tegoshi mentioned that he also wants to meet the 三大美女 (sandaibijou, or three most beautiful women in the world)* Tegoshi said he loves history and loves to be in the library when he was a student.
*Apparently for Japanese (since I don't know whether this applies in other countries as well), sandaibijou refers to: Cleopatra (Egypt), Ono no Komachi (Japan), and Yang Guifei (China).

Massu then continued reading the next mail..

Massu: It's from Ayayan-chan, 17 years old..
Tegoshi: Ayayan! Whoooo meccha holidaaay!! (suddenly singing Matsuura Aya/Ayaya's Yeah Meccha Holiday) Hahahahahaha!
Massu: (ignoring Tegoshi and kept reading the letter lol).
Apparently Ayayan asked the boys, do they always order the same menu from a restaurant, or do they like to try on some other menu? And after finished reading the mail, Tegoshi complained..
Tegoshi: You know, whatever I do, you never seem to give any reaction!
(everybody laughs, Massu laughs so loud too lol)
Tegoshi: I'm shocked, but I properly listened to her question now!
(pats pats Tegoshi xD)

Tegoshi said that he always orders different dish, while Massu often orders the same menu.
Massu: Like for example if order 10 kind of dishes, 6-7 of them will be the same dish.
Tegoshi: Even if I eat motsunabe, I will try different taste next time, motsunabe with shoyu or miso.
While Aracchi is the same with Massu, she loves to go to the familiar restaurant and order the same menu.
Tegoshi: It's surprising how a simple question really show our different characters!

(Tegomass then suddenly sang a line: "okitzukai arigatou", means "thank you for your concern", which I don't really understand. Maybe it's from a commercial. Anyone?)

The next mail from Yuri-san. She's going to get a a complete medical check up. How about Tegomass? Have they ever done it before? Apparently, both Tegomass never had any check up and only had vaccination for influenza provided by their jimusho.
Tegoshi: But I always think that I should go..
Massu: Yeah, we've been told a lot.. Our friends work in a company, and they've done it for several times a year.
Aracchi: Two times actually, on spring and autumn.

Tegoshi: Let's do it, let's do it, seriously!


A fan named Fuuka-san, a 11 years old fan from Hyogo sent a mail, she wants to ask something related with soccer to Tegoshi. Once she watched the soccer players held hands with children when they came out to the field before a match. Are they the real children of the players? She can't sleep thinking about it, and Tegomass said, "that's not good, we have to answer this." xD
Massu: Naru hodo! You see, right. That moment when they are with children..
Tegoshi: The question is for me okay!
(everybody laughs)
Tegoshi then explained that they're not parents and children, and those children are chosen by lottery held in fan/supporter clubs or the winner team of a young soccer club in the city, and there are many other way to choose the children.

The last mail is from Nenren-san in Yamaguchi, he's a 14 years old boy. His girlfriend is a fan of NEWS and they've watched the concert DVD together on a date. Apparently, his girlfriend told him that she really loves Massu's fashion, so he wants to have some advises from Massu on how to coordinate his clothes.
Massu said he's happy receiving that mail, and apparently today Massu is wearing a sarouel pants and a big sized t-shirt and proudly showing his fashion to Tegoshi and Aracchi.
Aracchi: That's kakkoi!
Tegoshi: What kind of clothes coordination do you like?
Massu: Basically I love to wear sweatshirt and sweatpants, but I try not to make it looks sloppy. For example, I will coordinate it with a shirt, cool shoes, or cute socks.. In general, I love big-sized clothes..
Tegoshi: You do. You always wear dabo-dabo (shapeless, baggy) clothes right? But even though they're oversized, they don't look like B-kei* fashion. It's more like a pretty dabo-dabo fashion.
Massu: That's because, even though I listen to some noisy hip hop, but I sing gentle songs. Fufufu..
Aracchi: (laughs)
Tegoshi: I agree (laughs)
Tegoshi said he doesn't really think about his own style and even though he loves skulls, he's always following his feeling when shopping.
*B-kei refers to fashion styles related to hip-hop & R&B

And Tegoshi is actually need to say some things..
Tegoshi: 14 years old and already have a girlfriend.. That's guttooo.. (good)
Massu: That's the thing you particularly curious about since the very beginning huh..?
Tegoshi: They did date at home, right? .... *sigh* Yosh yosh. I'm jealous.
(everybody laughs)

Massu promoted the schedule for his upcoming stageplay Strange Fruit, and announced that the DVD and Blue Ray for Resident will be on sale on April 26th. This time Aracchi tried her best to read the fanmail address, while the boys made some weird slurping sounds (not sure though) xD  It's shorter than the usual ending though.

LOL, sure Tegoshi has some traits he shares in common with Oda Nobunaga since both of them love to wear leopard printed clothes loljk. (Well Oda clearly wore the real leopard leather I guess?) And congrats Massu for having a male listener who wants to copy his fashion style, he must be really happy x)


Anyway..this bizarrely cute (lol) drawing was made by Inocchi of V6 on NHK's Asaichi (3/12). Upon a certain question, he was supposed to answer NEWS (as in, information) but he drew this picture instead: four boys smiling, crying, and waving while saying: "senpaaaai" lol. Old news already but I always forgot to share it here, orz. Inocchi arigatou <3 And as you might already know, Massu went to V6 OMG! 'first day concert in Yoyogi (3/9), and  also went to Koichi's SHOCK stageplay last week. A little oot but I miss NEWS/Tegomass on SDK *sigh*
pic cr: magic__cun@twitter



Kengo-kun and Yuririn always look so good together So, lately I've been watching some of their promotional guesting for Yokomichi Yonosuke. The show called Sou da Tabi ni Ikou is my favorite. Basically they went for a short trip to Fukuoka and Kengo's hometown, Kumamoto, had some motsunabe for dinner and did some paragliding in the next day. Seeing how Yuririn forced Kengo to stay awake and accompany her eating gyoza until 2 am is amusing. He was clearly unexcited and sleepy, but he just couldn't say no x) And the paragliding part looks so much fun, that meiji ojiisan is just so uptight and hilarious at the same time. The sunset from above was super pretty too. My least fave promo was when they were Bistro SMAP though, it's just so awkward. Thank God Nakai-kun and Shingo were around.

moumoon pain killer

I've been listening a lot too this album lately. My fave track is Vanitas, really love the lyrics, the melancholy yet dramatic melody.. Somehow I can relate to this song.. Anyway, the other new tracks that caught my attention are Utsukushii Hito and Never Enough. Forever in love with Love is Everywhere, even though it's an old single already. I wonder why they didn't include Wild Child though.

Will dedicate the rest of this day for some movie marathon (One Million Yen Girl, My So Has Got Depression), and maybe I'll catch up with some old episodes of Otoko no Hensachi later. Oh and this reminds me that I need to re-watch Tenchi Meisatsu to get a better understanding of the movie (I'm sorry Okada!).

If only I had 48 hours in a day ^^
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